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PM Youtube. PM Pinterest. PM Twitter. Customs seizure letter - yikes. Thread starter Big A Start date Jun 4, Joined Jun 4, Messages 13, Customs Seizure letter Does anyone know what to do with these if and when they arrive? Make sure that any future shipments do not require your signature, and once you receive your next package do not open it, place on your counter, wait a few hours and take it somewhere else to open it. Friend of mine signed for a package, closed the door, opened the package, door bell range, went back to the door and they grabed him.

Hopefully you will get some advice from other people as well. Bro, throw the letter away.Schedule 3 G.

customs seizure letter reddit

If a person knowingly possesses more than or equal to tablets, capsules, or dosage units, the crime is a Class-I felony. If something is seized, you just get a customs letter in the mail.

got seizure letter, HELP!!!

This takes anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months. The letter will tell you why they seized your goods and how you go about trying to claim them. You obviously want no part of that. And what if you can easily see WHY the shipment was seized?

If the package didnt get through the first time for reasons like a forth grader packaging it then what makes you think the next shipment will be any different. On a side note, I actually think it is good that you are bumping up all these old threads. It shows you are actually doing your research instead of just starting a new thread for a topic that has been discussed a thousand times.

I live in Japan and I have already found two US domestic sources ready for me when I return to the states. No customs issues whatsoever. Im thinking of going the online route myself. Like test cyp for 10ml. Cortes, I wonder if you have post-Raw Deal domestic sources. I have no idea how easy it is for guys to find one, I just happened to sort of accidentally find two well, they found me, and they are definitely guys I trust.

I found both of these sources post-ORD. I guess I was working under the assumption that others would find such sources if they just hung around long enough. Oh, and that was AlterEgo that talked about going back in the threads and finding them. My suggestion was to hang around posting long enough. Still working on figuring out my first cycle, though, which is kinda fun and very informative to do….

And I would have never attempted such things prior to learning about them here. I wish it was that simple to find a domestic powder source that would sell in a quanity less than a kg. My buddy is trying an online powder source out right now for us. The cost is a bit more than what it should be, but still less than any UG lab that I have access to. Yeah, I just found out that importing raw materials ie steroid precursors, powders, etc.

Happy, happy, joy, joy!For anyone purchasing anabolic androgenic steroids on the black market and who do so by ordering through the mail they will always have a concern of their package being seized. While this is a reality many assume by purchasing steroids in person such as through a face-to-face transfer at the gym to be far safer; make no mistake, it is not.

If you purchase anabolic steroids directly from another individual you always run the risk of that individual working with law enforcement; theres simply no way to know for sure and when you order via mail there is always a risk of your package being seized or even worse a controlled delivery. Theres no way around it, buying anabolic androgenic steroids on the black market carries with it risk regardless of the manner in-which they are purchased and understanding the risks, whats involved and what you need to do is always of the utmost importance.

When you place an order for anabolic steroids that will be delivered to your house through the mail the package may be flagged by the Postal Inspector or Customs. It could be the package was leaking; the package may look suspicious or be from an individual of already a suspicious nature.

customs seizure letter reddit

Regardless of the cause the authority at hand will open the package if suspicion is raised and once it is you can rest assured you will never receive the package; at least not in the manner in-which you desired. In some cases you will not be notified; instead your package will be delivered to you in a controlled manner by-which you accepting the package will result in your arrest.

customs seizure letter reddit

While this is not all that common it does occur far more often than many realize but the most common course of action is receiving a seizure letter from the confiscating party. Once a package is flagged and seized, in most cases a letter is sent from the confiscating party to the individual who ordered the package. The seizure notice or seizure letter will inform you feds have your package in hand and will further advise you on your rights and methods of challenge.

Yes, you can respond to the letter and challenge the seizure by-which you are claiming a legal right to the package at hand; however, unless you are truly legally entitled to the package this will prove to be futile and quite highly unadvisable; to obtain this package you would need a lawful prescription for the package in question.

If you challenge the seizure letter and do so without a viable legal means of possession by-which you will have identified yourself to the feds as the individual who in-fact ordered the package which will more than likely lead to your arrest. If you receive a seizure letter or notice your best course of action will be to ignore it; you can respond back denying the package but silence will always prove to be a more viable option.

By not signing the letter or notice you ensure your name is not provided in any legal fashion and by simply ignoring it the matter will normally be dropped. The letter or notice will inform you that if it is ignored the package will be forfeited after 20 days; even though the package is now lost you have at least saved yourself from possible and quite probable arrest.

In some cases a follow up letter may be sent and in some cases a possible phone call; if this occurs one need not be too overly concerned; once you receive a seizure letter or notice calling your attorney to advise him of the occurrence is normally the best course of initial action.

ever get mail seized?

While your attorney will simply advise you to ignore it he will now also be able to handle any additional occurrences brought on by the feds even if they are unlikely to occur. It is very important to note, once you have a package that has been seized your name and address will be flagged. Your name and address will be in the federal data base and the odds of a package getting flagged the next time will be far greater.

While there is no way to guarantee your name and address will be permanently flagged in most cases you can wave goodbye to ever receiving a package of anabolic steroids shipped to that name or address ever again.

Seizure Letters. Join Online Users Now!

customs seizure letter reddit

By viewing this page you agree and understand our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.For every hundred modafinil orders sent to the US from abroad, on average only three are stopped. To look at it from a glass half full perspective, if you were to order a hundred separate packages, you would get ninety-seven of them. Customs and Border Protection. Add a weekend, a public holiday, or bad weather to the mix, and the delay can go as high as 5 to 7 days.

If customs does actually stop your order, you will be sent a seizure letter. Here is what it will look like. In a nutshell, the letter just says that a package containing a controlled substance and addressed to you has been intercepted.

It then gives you two choices. You can:. In a sense, this is a trick. The truth is anyone can send a controlled substance to any name and address of their choosing. It would much too easy to impose some serious hardship on them all.

Good news, case closed. But the better news is that the odds you getting your next shipment through are now even greater. Those are some very slim odds. In the latter case, as long as you ordered from a reputable sourceyou should have a choice of either a free re-shipment or full refund. Besides a delay in getting your modafinil, no harm was done.

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For further details, please see our Medical Disclaimer. Additional menu. Step one is to take a deep breath and relax.

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The odds are heavily stacked in your favor. You can: Voluntarily abandon the package — In this case, customs will simply destroy the shipment. Why Ignore The Letter The truth is anyone can send a controlled substance to any name and address of their choosing. How to Order Modafinil On the Internet The best way to proceed when buying modafinil online is to: Get only small amounts that are clearly for personal use.

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customs seizure/warning letter.

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You are required to hide something from the FBI for a day for a million dollars - (r/AskReddit)

Hey, guest user. Hope you're enjoying NeoGAF! Have you considered registering for an account? Come join us and add your take to the daily discourse. Thread starter ajim Start date Dec 24, Forums Discussions Off-Topic Discussion. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Jan 26, 4, 50 I just got home from work before and was welcomed in the mail with some parcels and a wonderful letter from customs saying i've attempted to import an illegal substance and it has been seized, and will be destroyed if I don't attempt to claim it.

It also states I will receive severe punishments if done again. Merry Xmas Australian customs. Anyone had customs seize things before? Dabanton Member. May 25, 25, 1 0.When goods are detained or prohibited under Canada Customs TariffRevenue Canada follow procedures outlined in a document called Memorandum D, as revised Sept. Write down these numbers; you will need them. It is possible to obtain an advance ruling on particular goods from the Prohibited Importations Directorate at When a shipment is detained, you usually get a Notice of Detention, which is the top half of Form K Often the title, publisher and author are listed incorrectly.

The form contains no contact person, border point or return address, so contact Prohibited Importations in Ottawa and ask them where your books are and who is in charge of the case. Note that the regional office of Customs assigns its own running control number for each K 27 issued. Anything questionable or imported for educational, scientific, medical or artistic purpose is supposed to be sent to headquarters in Ottawa for review.

Often books are damaged by the inspection process. When a shipment is prohibited entry, you are supposed to receive the rest of Form K Part B, the Notice of Determination, which lists the prohibited goods and the reason for prohibition. Just make your argument sufficiently cogent that someone higher up the ladder will take you seriously. It can be in the form of a letter or a legal argument. Oral evidence is not permitted. Your appeal should address the reasons for classification one by one, rather than simply objecting on principle.

Memorandum D and the Criminal Code instruct Canada Customs to consider passages in the context of the nature of the entire work. However, very often inspectors flip to one page and see something distasteful, which by law is not a reason to ban it. If you have read the entire book and are able to assess the passages in the context of character development, psychology etc. Mention if the book has been in the country for x years, if it is freely available in chain bookstores and public libraries, if reviews suggest it has artistic merit, if it is a best-seller or respected scholarly work published by a university press, or is on school or university reading lists etc.

Many books are seized out of ignorance. You can appeal that decision to the Deputy Minister of National Revenue, then to provincial court and finally to the Federal Court of Canada. The Prohibited Importations Directorate is supposed to complete redeterminations within four weeks of the importation or two weeks of receiving the goods. If you are attempting to import goods identical to ones previously prohibited at the deputy-minister level, you may be able to appeal directly to the court.

Of course, during this process your invoice will be payable. And the books may ultimately arrive in unsaleable condition. We suggest you ignore these requests for money while the appeal is in process. After all, you at no time requested that Customs detain the goods. Form K 27 is sent to the importer of record. That may be the ultimate consignee, or in the case of consolidated shipments it may be the shipper.

In the latter case, the bookstore or other consignee may not know the shipment has been detained or prohibited, because the invoice is often inside the shipment.

Order Freedom to Read Kits and Posters. Poster Gallery. Form K 27 gives you three options: You can have the goods sent back at your expense. You can escort the goods personally or, more likely, have a bonded courier go to the border point and pick them up under Customs supervision. You have to fill out Form E You can abandon them to Canada Customs.

You can appeal the ruling, first with a Tariff and Values Administrator TVA at the customs office or regional office where the goods were imported. To appeal, you fill out Form B 2 Request for Review, Redetermination or Reappraisal and file it with a customs office within 90 days of the date of the determination shown on Form K 27B.The process of reducing your caloric intake beyond your total daily energy expenditure TDEE in order to reduce body fat.

A popularized injectable testosterone mixed with short to long acting esters. Forum Rules. Anabolic steroids, bodybuilding discussion forums. Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 25 of Thread: What happens when your package is seized by Customs by Chesty. Thread Tools. What happens when your package is seized by Customs by Chesty. Okay brotha's and sista's here is the skinny on what actually happens as I just went through it. You will get an empty package or letter saying your shit has been confiscated.

It will probably be a photo copy of the customs regulation violated 2. A short time later, you will receive a letter from customs telling you how to claim your property or it will be automatically forfeited in 30 days.

Now here is the clincher on this letter. They send a whole bunch of papers with different instructions on ways to handle your seized product. Read carefully, it says right away, that if you fail to act the property will be automatically forfeited.

You can also sign a form to instruct them to consider your stuff forfeited. They are trying to get you to admit that the items are yours. And they fool you by trying to get you to sign a form telling them you don't want the stuff and to go ahead start immediate foreiture of the items.

This is a trick! Then, a short time after this last letter you will get another one. They are again asking you similar questions. Their time line given for forfeiture has elapsed, and they are trying one last time to get you to say that the shit is yours so they can prosecute you!