Brandenburg starts with 6 provinces in the HRE with only 57 development. The main reason is that forming Prussia from Brandenburg is a natural progression in game. And Prussia is a very strong nation with one of the best militaristic national ideas.

The real challenge is early game though. Brandenburg starts fairly weak in close proximity to some bigger nations such as Bohemia, Poland and Denmark. And you are in the HRE, so expansion can get rather slow because of aggressive expansion and demand for unlawful territory by the emperor.

Or you can savescum till they get your dynasty. You will have to take a few loans but having Bohemia under PU early game is well worth it. They can be a strong ally, but they want the same provinces which you need to form Prussia. So I recommend you ally them only if they take the decision to PU Lithuania.

You have to take some provinces from them to form Prussia, so you will rival them, just a bit later in game. Your number 1 war target at start. You can still take them on if they have strong allies, but its going to take some time, manpower and ducats. And it will set you back a few decades.

Magdeburg usually rivals you at start. They are not worth rivaling back as they always join the Lubeck trade league which makes them fairly strong early game. Mecklenberg is a good target to rival as they have small allies, which you can take on early.

With Saxony already an ally, you will be the next HRE emperor. Austria, Saxony and Poland, if they look strong. If not, ally one of the HRE electors to guarantee emperorship. Later change to Teutonic order, Brunswick and others depending on how the game progresses.

Attack them early, if Poland is willing to help you out. Now Poland and your truce with teutonic order is synced, so possibly next time you attack TO, you can call in Poland without promising any land.

eu4 lithuania pu poland

If TO has a strong ally such as Bohemia at start, let poland fight them alone and drain each others resources. Then attack the teutons when they are vulnerable. Note- You can also get Neumark via an event for ducats in the first few years, which is really convenient. And you fulfil a mission giving you free claims on Pomerania. Attack as soon as you have a claim either by event or otherwise.

Vassalize them.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements.

Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth

Medicles View Profile View Posts. I dont know what is happening, it was so easy before, but now it seems almost impossible to do it with Austria. I just wasted one hour and needed countless restarts, still didnt got it even one time. I dont get Poland as ally most of the times, because it just takes too long to get to the 40 points i need, if they even rival Bohemia in the first place. The best attempt was my last one, so i thought. They had Saxony and Brandenburg as rivals and were only allied to Ansbach and Ferrara.

But the war started to early, i got a 20 stack with 10k manpower in reserve. So i start the war and siege down Ferrara and Ansbach, to get them out of the war. Bohemia managed to siege down the capitals of Saxony and Brandenburg in that time and took their land. So only me and Bohemia. But i alreay started to siege down their capital and suddenly, i couldnt go anywhere else but to the fort next to the capital. They sieged down my capital and even got help of the Teutonic Order eventually. So, what do i have to do to get the PU consistantly?

I have no idea what to do anymore, it all seems to come down to luck, by getting Poland-Lithuania as ally in time, if they are even rivaled. Last edited by Medicles ; 4 Aug, am.

Showing 1 - 15 of 17 comments. Rabob View Profile View Posts. You do realize you get a mission for it later on as well? Furthermore you could merc up etc. Also you dont need to siege their allies most of the time. Especially ferrara would be a pain to siege.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Kuebeleimer View Profile View Posts. Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. Last edited by CreutzFeldJak0b ; 6 Apr am. Any Personal Union can end when: - the Junior is granted independence in a peace deal his own independence war or another war his overlord lost - pretender rebels enforce their demands in the Junior - the Junior has a negative opinion of the Senior when the ruler changes - the Senior voluntarily decides to abandon the union most often happens when the Junior has high Liberty Desire and several strong nations support independence As a third nation you only have limited means to prevent a PU from breaking and can only counter some of the above: - ally the Senior and be strong enough to discourage anyone including the Junior from attacking your ally and help him in his wars - ask for Military Access and kill the Junior's pretender rebels.

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There could be pretty much only two reasons why you happened to click on this guide: You want a new, fun, and somewhat challenging experience in EU4 and decided to find out how to get started with your new initiative, or you're extremely bored.

Whichever of the two reasons is yours, I hope you can get the best out of this guide and if you enjoy it, do me a favor and rate it! I would really appriciate it. This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. JDNumeroOcho Offline. Guide Index. The Beggining. Form the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth! A Nation Divided By Religion.

Militairy Expansion. Technology: Keep Up! When you get right into the game at AD, you will notice your signifigant neighbors Muscovy Russia and Poland Hopefully soon to be part of the Commonwealth! You will also notice that many of your provinces are currently following the Orthodox religion, while Lithuania is a Catholic nation. You also have 21, troops at your command. First Ambitions. This is about what the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth will look like when you form it.

Bask in it's glory! Tech 10 and Mazdovia and Moldavia must not exist. Here is how to play the game right in the start to get towards your goal of forming the Commonwealth!

Exploiting the PU. Lithuania starts out as a broken up nation Religion-Wise. A little bit more than half of your provinces start off Orthodox and need to be Catholic. The religious unity mission is a good one to pick up early since this should be one of your goals.

Your first idea you need to pick up is religious ideas. It seems counter-productive since it is an Administrative idea and, well, you need Admin. Because of this you need to focus all of your money into an Administative advisor. You should probably switch off between Admin.The Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth — formally, the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and, afterthe Commonwealth of Poland — was a country and bi- federation [13] of Poland and Lithuania ruled by a common monarch in real unionwho was both King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania.

It was one of the largest [14] [15] and most populous countries of 16th- to 17th-century Europe. The First Partition of Poland in and the Second Partition of Poland in greatly reduced the state's size and the Commonwealth collapsed as an independent state following the Third Partition of Poland in The Union possessed many features unique among contemporary states.

Its political system was characterized by strict checks upon monarchical power. These checks were enacted by a legislature sejm controlled by the nobility szlachta.

This idiosyncratic system was a precursor to modern concepts of democracy, [20] as of constitutional monarchy[21] [22] [23] and federation. The Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth was marked by high levels of ethnic diversity and by relative religious toleranceguaranteed by the Warsaw Confederation Act ; [26] [27] [a] however, the degree of religious freedom varied over time. After several decades of prosperity, [29] [30] [31] it entered a period of protracted political, [23] [32] military and economic [33] decline.

Its growing weakness led to its partitioning among its neighbors AustriaPrussia and Russia during the late 18th century. Western Europeans often simplified the name to Poland and in most past and modern sources it is referred to as the Kingdom of Polandor just Poland. Poland and Lithuania underwent an alternating series of wars and alliances during the 14th century and early 15th century. This agreement was one of the signal achievements of Sigismund II Augustuslast monarch of the Jagiellon dynasty.

Sigismund believed he could preserve his dynasty by adopting elective monarchy. His death in was followed by a three-year interregnum during which adjustments were made to the constitutional system; these adjustments significantly increased the power of the Polish nobility and established a truly elective monarchy.

The Commonwealth reached its Golden Age in the early 17th century.

Poland Country Tag

Its powerful parliament was dominated by nobles Pic. The Commonwealth was able to hold its own against Swedenthe Tsardom of Russiaand vassals of the Ottoman Empireand even launched successful expansionist offensives against its neighbors.

In several invasions during the Time of TroublesCommonwealth troops entered Russia and managed to take Moscow and hold it from 27 September to 4 Novemberwhen they were driven out after a siege.

Commonwealth power began waning after a series of blows during the following decades. A major rebellion of Ukrainian Cossacks in the southeastern portion of the Commonwealth the Khmelnytskyi Uprising in modern-day Ukraine began in It resulted in a Ukrainian request, under the terms of the Treaty of Pereyaslavfor protection by the Russian Tsar.

eu4 lithuania pu poland

The Tatars of the Crimean Khanate and the Nogai Horde conducted almost annual slave-raids in the eastern territories controlled by the Commonwealth. Inthe Battle of Vienna marked the final turning point in the year struggle between the forces of Christian Europe and the Islamic Ottomans. For its centuries-long opposition to Muslim advances, the Commonwealth would gain the name of Antemurale Christianitatis bulwark of Christianity.

By the 18th century, destabilization of its political system brought Poland to the brink of civil war. The Commonwealth was facing many internal problems and was vulnerable to foreign influences. An outright war between the King and the nobility broke out inand Tsar Peter the Great 's mediation put him in a position to further weaken the state.

The country was partitioned in three stages by the neighboring Russian Empirethe Kingdom of Prussiaand the Habsburg Monarchy. Bythe Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth had been completely erased from the map of Europe.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. I wasn't minding the store as Poland and allowed Lithuania's opinion of me to get too low.

Polish–Lithuanian union

They dumped our formerly close relationship, leaving me wondering how to get to the Commonwealth without it. While I know the way to get someone in the running for their throne, there is no way for me to arrange for one of their royal family to take my throne, right?

In other words, the player has no control over who will be the heir for the country being played - it's all up to the AI. Last edited by clif ; 15 Apr, pm.

eu4 lithuania pu poland

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 comments. Somewhat late, but sometimes you'll get the mission called restore the union, where you get a causus belli against the former lesser partner of the union.

I'm not sure if you'll get it with the Lithuania, but I've gotten it with lesser countries I've lost due to low prestige. Well, you still have the usual way of getting personal unions, restore your relations than get a Royal Marriage with them than claim their throne when you can and hope their monarch dies without a heir causing a succession war, win it and you get Lithuania back in a personal union under you.

Danger View Profile View Posts. Upon losing a union you should get an immediate CB to restore the union. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 15 Apr, pm. Posts: 3. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. What in the name of god are you supposed to do with that Giga-state? I'm not even sure if it's historically accurate, if they were so strong back then we would all be speaking Polish. Showing 1 - 15 of 17 comments. Personally, I think they are easier to take down than France.

With Russia hitting them on the east and Austria hitting them on the west, and Ottoman hitting them from the south, and Denmark team hitting them from the north. They are easier to take out.

Not to mention they get a nasty noble event, where they will have internal struggle for quite awhile, which pretty much destroys their manpower and troop.

EU4 Meme - Poland and Lithuania in a Nutshell

With careful planning for allies, and attacking when they are at war with another major power such as Russia, Ottoman, or any other big ones should be easier for you to mop up. Last edited by IndirectHero ; 3 Mar, am. And when should I expect that to happen? And there isn't a ton I can do about it I'm trying to play the Prussian game from Brandenburg. Well obviously, IF they lose PU, but they don't.

At least it's been intact for over 60 years, I don't excpect it to change in the forseeable future. Yograin View Profile View Posts. You can also ally Denmark. Poland should be easily beaten.

At least I had no trouble with them while creating Prussia and later Germany.