FAQS Glossary. Home FAQ Setting a custom fan curve for your graphics card in Precision X OC is very easy. This will open the settings window with the " Fan " tab selected. On the settings window click on " Enable Automatic Fan Control " A new window will pop up showing the fan curve adjustments. If you need more curve points you can create a new grey square by clicking anywhere on the curve.

You may also notice yellow dotted lines on the fan curve. These lines are showing the minimum and maximum speeds that the fan can operate. Once you have the fan curve set, click the " OK " button on the settings window and the curve will take immediate effect. You can now close the fan curve and settings windows. Now that your fan curve is set, you can save it to one of the 10 profile save areas in Precision X OC. The profile is now saved. Next time you open Precision X OC you can left click on the profile that you saved, and your fan profile will take effect.

Please note that if you close Precision X OC your fan curve will no longer take effect.Register Now!

Frustrating 2080 Ti XC Ultra Fan Curve Issues

Login Register. Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. I have attached a screenshot - again this is using everything on auto so far as I know.

It really doesn't sound right to me. Any ideas?

rtx 2080 fan curve

PNG Whenever my temps reach 78 degrees then the fans noise level raise alot. Then when I get below 78 degrees my fans are running quitly again. This keeps on going. I would much rather have afterburner configured to constantly have high fan speed when at high temp, than noise level going up and down.

I have the same issue with my RTX TI and msi support just told me to update the bios and use ddu to do a clean uninstall and install which is having no effect. Hope msi will respond with a solution. As soon as the temps go up to 78 degrees celsius suddenly the fan level goes from rpm to rpm, the noise is unbearable even with headphones and a dampened case. Did anyone with this problem try updating the BIOS?

I contacted support and got the latest Vbios, which didn't help neither did clean installing drivers, afterburner etc. I read on other posts that this might be down to the huge card sagging in the case. I have used the supplied support bracket since day one, but it hardly seems adequate to be honest. So this issue seems to me to be a physical fault with the cards, possibly caused over time with the card sagging, and the supplied support bracket isn't good enough.

Hope this helps. Simply put this issue happens when the GPU is under load from any game. Updating the gpu bios did not work.

Ddu did not help. My case is the thermaltake level 20 xt so there zero sag issues. Then they said that the gpu bios is made so that the user can NOT set a curve BUT you can manually set a specific speed and have the card stay on it, which works only if the GPU is NOT under load meaning idle situation no game on. Sent them a video showing that issue as well posted on youtube.

So, what decision did I have to take. The gpu works fine but I cannot control the fans. So, my gpu temperature is good the air conditioning plays a good part in that but the noise is so very loud. So dissatisfied.Previous white designs were largely limited to mainstream graphics cards, so for those looking to build a high-end rig with white components, the time has come. Newly designed for the latest generation of top-end ROG graphics cards, these fans feature a smaller hub that facilitates longer blades and a barrier ring to increase downward air pressure.

An advanced onboard controller brings fans to a standstill when the GPU core temperature is below 55 Celsius, letting you enjoy light gaming in relative silence. As temps rise past the threshold, the fans automatically start up again. The extra thermal headroom increases overclocking potential and allows fans to run at even lower speeds in light scenarios. Do you prioritize low core temps or low noise levels?

How to overclock the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080Ti

Performance mode will let the fans spin up to keep the card running cool all the time. Quiet mode keeps the same power target and top-end settings, but offers a less aggressive fan curve for quieter operation at medium temps. Auto-Extreme Technology is an automated manufacturing process that sets new standards in the industry by allowing all soldering to be completed in a single pass. This reduces thermal strain on components and avoids the use of harsh cleaning chemicals, resulting in less environmental impact, lower manufacturing power consumption, and a more reliable product overall.

Thermals test Aorus 17 YA RTX 2080 + i9-9980HK Too Hot?

MaxContact is an industry-first technology that utilizes precision machining to create a heat spreader surface that makes up to 2X more contact with the GPU chip, resulting in improved thermal transfer. It allows you to tweak critical parameters including GPU core clocks, memory frequency, and voltage settings, with the option to monitor everything in real-time through a customizable on-screen display.

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Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. Hey, Since a few weeks ago, the fan of my Ti Gaming X started to run at what sounds like full speed while gaming - intermittently. Temperatures are fine, usually in the C range. If it was hitting some thermal limit, I would expect a gradual increase in fan speed to keep temps in check, instead of a sudden full ramp up and ramp down cycle, which is really annoying and distracting.

Interestingly the fan speed percentage reported by monitoring tools does not actually increase in those situations, only the actual RPM does, leading me to believe this is triggered by something other then the main fan control logic. Even trying to set a custom fan curve with eg. Afterburner still shows the same behavior.

I do not generally overclock the GPU. Any thoughts? Can you notice some or one fan spinning not all or way slower when the others spin? No, all seems fine otherwise. You have to check the fans by lookin at them. Monitoring software can't measure if one of two fans connected to one fan controller is stuck. I can actually see both fans speed up noticeably when it happens.

And the third fan on the second controller also does it sometimes. However, I would still not expect a sudden ramp up like that. I honestly fear that this is one of those issues where you RMA and the problem persists Quote from: h.

Open an own thread please.This ringing effect sees the initial burst followed by a drop to low fan speeds, followed by another, smaller burst, and so on until the curve settles on a gradual ascent. There is no pulse start-up as FurMark quickly warms up the TU processor. When a graphics card is constrained by its power target, voltage and frequency are dialed back to keep power in check, so performance is the variable that suffers most. By the end of our recording, the card in a closed case has its fans spinning RPM faster than the same system with its side panel popped off.

TU heats up to 75 degrees Celsius compared to 71 degrees with the case side open. But this does help illustrate the exception we take with axial coolers. We really miss robust blower-style coolers this generation. Current page: Temperatures and Fan Speeds. Home Reviews. Editor's Choice. See all comments The price stated of vega 56 and 64 are there to make the price of the ti less wow but the real price of vega 56 is euro and the vega 64 euro.

I would think Nvidia would have learned a lesson on overly pricing cards with gimmicky tags Over the last 15 years what range of cards have sold the most and which one gets released last in line? Splatting a big RTX label and charging a premium on a GPU when software is still 12 months behind was just stupid and we can add it to the many other gimmicks Nvidia has come up with over the years that failed to draw sales " PhysX, Early stages of VR, Hairworks, and now RTX" These cards are indeed nice but adding that extra premium just for "RTX" is just bad marketing.

How can a card with such a bad value proposition could score that high? It is insane, that you guys, are now accepting Nvidia price gouging behavior as something normal This card offer the worst value ever.

Clearly this is about the ad bucks, not sure how your reviewers can look themselves in the mirror anymore.

rtx 2080 fan curve

Any1 with a ti or above is absolutely fine at p resolution. My card scores about 60 fps in the last tomb raider and 52 in AC Oddysey benchmark. In game with dips to just unde Join us now! Forgot Your Password? Forgot your Username? Haven't received registration validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out.

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Recent Blog Posts. Recent Photos. View More Photo Galleries. Unread PMs. Essentials Only Full Version. New Member. It's super distracting and it happens frequently. Any thoughts?

Thermals test Aorus 17 YA RTX 2080 + i9-9980HK Too Hot?

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Attached Image s. What if you want to resell the card you can flag it as defective, nice job. Cool GTX. How am I supposed to do that if my fan curve isn't being respected?

Please take the time to read my full post. It's not an issue if I use the default fan management or set a fixed speed. It's only an issue at 85C if I use a custom curve. Um OK, My two Ti never get anywhere near 70 C so No I do not understand the 85 C issue your posting about. My issue is that my fan curve is being overridden and is not respected. Different people have different setups and needs, I'm happy your setup doesn't surface these issues.

EGC Admin. I'd say try the same curve with MSI Afterburner, if the same issue persists it's likely hardcoded into the fan logic to go max at that temp. You need better airflow. Latest Posts. The Counting Thread - v2 Four word game.

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rtx 2080 fan curve

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