I've made a half hour discussion video all about Outrun 2 and it's variants Coast 2 Coast, Online Arcade and SP as well as some of the regional differences in the games between Eastern and Western releases. If you're a fan of the series please check it out.

For me the pc version is the best version with the steering wheel and the FFB and the bloom fix. Great video. Could you recap the pros and cons here in text? With the exception of the PSP all versions of the game ran at 60fps. Easy to use system link for I think a maximum of 6 players? To me, feels like the hardest version of the game. It also included extra cars bringing the total up to 15 and special souped up versions of all the regular cars. I was always under the impression though that the slight quality drop was due to the fact that Coast 2 Coast just contained so much more content than the original Outrun 2, so some compromises had to be made.

It's not super noticeable, but the anti-aliasing on the cars seems a tiny bit more jaggy and the draw distance on the road markings isn't quite so good.

The Japanese version of C2C on the PS2 had it's name changed back to Outrun 2 SP and had some end of stage animations from the arcade version of OR2SP added back in that are missing from all the other home versions and also some extra music too. It's also the only version of C2C that has working force feedback for steering wheels. Arguably easier than OR2. Collisions are punished far more severely in Outrun 2, with the player losing a lot of speed if you drift into traffic or a CPU opponent.

Coast 2 Coast by comparison seems to allow you to pretty much plough through other cars, trucks and buses with only minimal speed loss.

The hack also allows you to swap out music in the game and change the appearance of parts of the in game menus to appear more arcade like as well as lots of other stuff. By simply cutting and pasting a file called lens flare offset.

With all these fixes added to the game it is now arguably the best version of Coast 2 Coast. Despite the lack of rumble, the game handles really well and has the easier handling of C2C rather than OR2. Was playable online back in the day, but no local system link options.

Also supports FFB and network play. Doesn't feature all the content from Coast 2 Coast, with some cars missing and none of the challenge modes.

The graphics can apparently be problematic when played in Tekknoparrot without certain downloadable fixes. PC version, played with all the fixes using a wheel is the best version for my money.

Great comparison. I actually use the Coast 2 Coast PC edition on my machine so happy that it is a decent version. And the flakky TP edition has unfortunately too many issues to be considered right now unfortunately: random crashes, black roads, shadows, and it does not seem like Reaver will ever fix it. The only thing that annoys me is the low res UI textures in the PC version. Is there a hack for that?

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.I have the updated Tp installed! Also noticing some graphical glitches in Sega racing?? Thanks for any help. Don't know about OutRun 2, you may need to use an older Teknoparrot if possible. Hidden Content. Je suis heureux de voir plus d'amour Gaelco ces derniers temps. C'est fait. Bon je viens de bricoler une version avec la derniere version Game loader RH, Chez moi ca merche nikel.

I'd like to know how it can be possibile I'm guessing the mods deleted it cause you said something they didn't like or agree with. Its happened to me several times in the past. Maybe I'm wrong I'd like to know also. The only thing I wrote was: fantastic Batman for non patreon I realised that only this morning though Bon avant tout je voudrais remercier toutes les personnes d'Emulinecar grace a eux j'ai pu trouver pas mal de jeux pour Teknoparrot et d'autres console.

Comme je voulais participer a cela je me suis permis d'uploader les jeux qui fonctionne chez moi sous Teknoparrot et qui se trouve sur ce topic :. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Prev Next Page of Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted March Hidden Content Give reaction or reply to this topic to see the hidden content. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.My momma always told me: 'If you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything at all.

Fortunately, I don't always follow her advice or I wouldn't be able to write up a review on OutRun 2. OK, seriously, do they expect people to buy this game?

I could get the same arcade-like cardboard driving experience playing Pole Position II down at the local grocery store. I'll pause here and let you yell at me for a few seconds, all you fans of the Outrun franchise. I know that OutRun 2 is not meant to be a realistic racer, it's a port of an arcade game.

But the problem is it's a port of a very dated arcade game. The graphics are cartoony, the sound effects are more for nostalgia than any other sort of enjoyment and the game mechanics are infantile. There are a total of two buttons you use for the game. There's the gas and then there's the brake. You can drift, but this is accomplished only by breaking through a turn without using your gas.

Once you're in the drift you can gas up again but this trigger juggling makes no sense and leaves you feeling like the game can't handle two button inputs at the same time. If you are a huge fan of OutRun 2 and don't mind that the mechanics haven't really changed with the times, you'll love this game. You can just pick it up and play, heck my 3-year-old son just picked it up and played. Then again after a minute or two he declared the game 'silly'?

The game includes eight different fully licensed Ferraris to choose from and there are more than 15 branching tracks to race on.

teknoparrot outrun 2 setup

You can play in the Outrun Arcade which includes the classic timed outrun mode, the heart attack mode and time attack mode. In the Outrun challenge you can choose to try and complete tasks, run through single races or play against four others, taking turns to try and land the best time. The game does feature online play through Xbox Live, allowing up to eight players to go it head-to-head and this is where the game does best.

Although I'm not a fan of the mechanics, graphics or audio, the online play manages to make the best of the situation in a nearly lag-free environment. When compared to the bigger and better racers to hit the market recently, and certainly Burnout 3 tops that list, OutRun 2 just doesn't cut it.

The gameplay is too much an arcade experience, and while it may be fun for some initially, I doubt anyone will keep this game in their collection long. Browse games Game Portals.

Outrun 2. Install Game. Now then, back to the review. Overall rating: 7. GameFabrique You have to go to the file "initialD.

teknoparrot outrun 2 setup

Initial D Arcade Stage 8. Sonic All Stars Racing. Go to the file: Settings. And a BIG thanks for the people who originally uploaded the games, we all can enjoy if you do it right!!!

They are very easy to Follow! Thanks, very useful. Easier to use when it is gathered in one place! What a great helpful resource, well done! You just need a logo for the top of the page now LOL. Information on resolution change patch of SRC is old. This is the file I uploaded before, but since it has a problem, I deleted it. A new file has already been uploaded. Have you read Game Loader's "Readme.

(Arcade) Teknoparrot Outrun 2 SP 4k on PC 60fps SEGA

And reply is unnecessary. This is the way of thinking of you and the majority of others. Unfortunately, it differs from my way of thinking. And there is an answer in the video detail. If you are dissatisfied with my reply, please reply to the Youtube channel. Please be sure to stop replying here as it will cause annoyance to others. Is it only deletion of posts?

I think that you should request removal of my account. My posting makes the majority of people uncomfortable. I have not deleted anything personally. Some topics have just been slightly renamed as you know that's all. Avez-vous lu les fichiers "Readme. If there is a new version then I want to test it. Have you never read the Game Loader Readme.

If you can understand Readme. And I am stupid, so I can not speak English.April 15,am. Home Help Search Login Register. Send this topic Print. Read times.

Ok guys this is a multi-part thing so I'm uploading packages as I get them ready, so be patient, pardon our dust ect More cars, better bonus screens, bug fixes and the experimental Lan Mode.

To get the radios to look correct, right-click on the two ttf files and select "install".

Other options can be set via the FXTcfg. Please note to anyone that has installed some of my alpha texture packs that you will want to restore the textures to default prior to installing.

teknoparrot outrun 2 setup

More Coming Soon Pressing the brake button in-game on a song that does NOT have an alt track or the random slot in 2sp mode allows you to switch to the alternate tracks. After that you can extract these rars to your outrun folder and they will automatically go in the correct place. Then install texture packs again from fxtcfg. Thanks so much for the hard work you have put into this.

You are a legend. Oups, my cab is not up Not sure what i am doing wrong but, I cant get the texture pack to install. Just installed a fresh copy of OR2k6 with same resoult. I just get the same old pc version. Nothing has changed. The troubleshooter 2 is running in the task bar though. What am i doing wrong? Well done Howard!! I shall install on my cab tomorrow Do this release have the start to game menu jump?

Thanks again for all your time you have spent on this project You should be proud!!! Quote from: FaithLes on September 02,am. Thanks Howard! All downloaded and good to go. I'm feeling a bit too brain dead after work to get everything installed and running tonight, but I look forward to giving this a proper go in the next day or two.

Thanks again. MrThunderwing's YouTube - retro gaming goodness plus other shite. Quote from: FaithLes on September 02,pm. Quote from: BadMouth on September 02,pm. FFB is something that's going to vary from wheel to wheel, don't panic. I'm attaching fedit. Open up the effect in the "effects" folder with fedit, select your device in the file menu and try to play the effect.

If nothing happens then it's the effect I'm using.April 15,am. Home Help Search Login Register. Send this topic Print. Author Topic: How best to play Outrun 2 and Outrun at home? Read times. I'm a huge Outrun 2 junkie, it's one of my top favorite arcade games right beside Berzerk. However, I have just today learned of an Xbox port which I've read actually differs significantly from the Outrun game that I have, beyond simply being an 'expanded' port of Outrun 2.

Given this information, I'm interested in tracking down and trying Outrun 2 on the Xbox, so that I can have the 'original' so to speak in addition to the Outrun on my PC. However, I am hitting a major wall for both of these games. Quite simply, every port of Outrun 2 I've played so far has clearly suffered from not having a wheel and pedals. I have spent many an hour playing this game over and over in arcades, and it simply isn't the same to use a controller or god help me!

I have reached the conclusion that I simply must obtain a wheel, but I don't know anything about wheels or which ones to look for to use on the original Xbox and PC.

So the question is, what is the best wheel for Outrun 2 on Xbox?

It should also work on original Xbox and on PC, and any other platforms supported are just gravy. Also, if there's any additional perks to a wheel then I'd love to hear them, but the only real goal is to get as close to the authentic Outrun 2 arcade experience as I can.

Thanks for reading, and hope you can help me out! Hi Chris. Not to mention it has better graphics. I also mentioned some specific things about the PC version regarding steering wheel support that you will need to know before playing it.

If you want to step it up a few notches and get a higher quality ffb wheel, there's a few that are availableTeknoParrot is a software package allowing you to run selected PC-based arcade titles on your own hardware, with full support for keyboard and mouse controls, gamepads, steering wheels and joysticks.

We currently support games for various arcade systems, mapping the proprietary add-on hardware found in these systems to commodity PC peripherals, and fixing any other limitations in the game software that prevents them from running on standard Windows systems. About TeknoParrot is a software package allowing you to run selected PC-based arcade titles on your own hardware, with full support for keyboard and mouse controls, gamepads, steering wheels and joysticks.

Supported Games See our Compatibility List! If this is your first time running TeknoParrot, you will be greeted with a message to set emulation settings. Click OK. If you have no games setup, you will be prompted to do so.

You can say No for now. If you receive any popups to that updates are available, go ahead and click Update on each. At the top left of windows, click the hamburger icon, and choose Settings. Adjust to your liking. If you need to setup your wheel axis settings, do so now. If you don't know, just try a game with your wheel and if see if you need to adjust.

Click Save settings, and then Back. Click Hamburger menu again, and click Add Game. Click Game Location box to choose where the appropriate game executable is. Specific game setups can be found on the Compatibility page of this site. Setup other options to your liking and click Save settings, then Back. Generally for an Xbox controller you want to select XInput, and everything else leave un-checked.

Click on each space for each button you want to set, then press the button you want on your controller. When finished, click Save settings, then Back. Pressing ESC on your keyboard should exit the game.

If you encouter issues, please look up a specific game in the Compatibility page of this site. We have seen some users not able to extract the TeknoParrot archive if their software is too old.