Your character watches as his son Timmy is dragged off the plane and from that moment on it becomes a fight for survival. I have known about this game since it has been out on PC for some time now but I wanted to experience it with friends with its recent release on the PlayStation 4.

Could we possibly survive on this remote island together? What dangers would we encounter? Who would snap first? The Forest on the surface is like many other survival games with crafting and building being a major part of the game.

The 10 best 2 Player PS4 games (Winter/Spring 2020) - Console Deals

Just like in those games you must gather resources in order to craft weapons, tools, armor, building pieces etc. Is it really that simple though? No it is not. While you might think staying alive and searching for your son would pose problems, the bigger problem is what lurks on the island. Out in the darkness watching you with those curious eyes and a vicious appetite are some wicked foes. What foes you ask? How about cannibals?

Crazed and hungry cannibals. I let myself fall into a false sense of security early in the game. Gather resources, make tools, craft a bow so I could hunt animals for food. All of this seemed more important at the time but I was wrong. I first heard it in the distance. A faint cackle came from the darkness.

It was so dark I could barely see the tree in front of me. It got closer and closer.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

the forest ps4 co op split screen

Install Steam. Store Page. The Forest Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. Macramore View Profile View Posts. I bought the game thinking it was split screen. Regretted after finding it's only online co-op. Apex View Profile View Posts. Niff View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by A. Originally posted by chuckyballs :.

It will never add this. This would make online co-op not be played anymore, which was a completely hard thing to code. There aren't enough keys on your keyboard to make that, and i don't think you would pay more money on a controller to be able to play with ur friends as well 3. You buy this game for 1 person you. It will not be enough space to any of you to see, which will make combat much harder and you must fight in order to finish the game 5. They don't know how to code this the split screen is pretty much a thing and it's something nobody knows how to code anymore 6.

You posted this on Co-op discussions and the devs created this sub-forum just to let people recruit for their server, so It's a hard thing to code and most of us rather play on multiplayer than playing with a scrub friend, but still and interesting thing. Last edited by Apex ; 26 Jun, am. Wolpertinger View Profile View Posts. If have not bought this game because of lacking split screen. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 26 Mar, pm.

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View mobile website.Join Cultured Vultures as we bring you some of the biggest news from the world of wrestling. Grab a friend or two and dive on in to see what we recommend. The world just wants to tear us all apart.

Video games are always a great escape from the rigors of the real world, but what about if you can bring your pals along for the ride with the best PS4 co-op games? Whether you just want to dick around in New York City or work in a bustling kitchen together, co-op games on the PlayStation 4 have what you need for some cathartic bit of bonding.

Those who say these types of games are dying a death with the focus from many being on PVP are just cynical at best. Really, when you look at the gamut of different options we have now, we may actually be in the best spot ever for co-operative play.

Developer: Ghost Town Games Ltd. Co-op games are meant to be great for bonding. Overcookedmeanwhile, is intended to ruin Christmas for everyone. Grab three friends and get to grips with the hustle and bustle of running a kitchen and all the stresses that come with it. If you can handle the game at its toughest points, Overcooked can be a real thrill despite it having such a simple hook. Over the course of six or so hours, you learn to love Leo and Vincent: two criminals looking to escape from prison together.

Playable locally or online, A Way Out has players pick the character they want and then work with the other through some interesting gameplay mechanics. Worth the entry fee on that alone. From our A Way Out review :.

Long live couch co-op. A game so long in the tooth that it probably predates the internet and all life as we know it, Payday 2 has been able to stick around for so long despite such a straightforward premise for a very simple reason: its community. Who knew playing banks and robbers could bring so many people together? Payday 2 is a great distraction for you and friends as you scope out a bank or something bigger for a big score before swooping in and swooping out with as little fuss as possible.

Dying Light is one of the most underrated games of this generation. In the daytime, amble around and parkour your way through some The Office references. At night, prepare to run and scream like crazed banshees as the terrifying Virals close in. The country of Bolivia is a playground for you and your squad in this open world destruction simulator. Wildlands is an excuse to pull off ridiculous stunts and explore with your friends.

The world may be somewhat empty, as is the Ubisoft way, but that just gives you more room in which to treat your loved ones with the utmost of disrespect. Maybe skip Breakpoint, though.

The Forest Co-Op Review | PS4

From our Wildlands review :. Those who played and loved every other Monster Hunter game thought they were in on something that nobody else was, especially in the West. Monster Hunter struggled to break through into the mainstream until World came along and smashed a tonne of records for Capcom in the process. Featuring a lot of what made its predecessors so great alongside some refinements for a more casual audience, Monster Hunter: World is the natural progression for the series.

Grab some friends to share the guilt of massacring beautiful creatures and you will almost definitely love one of the best games of From our Monster Hunter: World review :.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. The Forest Store Page. Global Achievements. We always talk about how fun if we could work together building a base and surviving together against the cannibals. But i only have 1 computer so we're unable to do the online co op.

Do you think it would ever be possible or outside the realm of possibility to have a offline 2 player co op feature story campaign with 2 xbox controllers, or just a 2 player split screen free mode without story? Or possibly the ability for a second player to take control of the son character after he's rescued from the caves, and then they must survive together against the cannibals until they are rescued.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. Cookiemars View Profile View Posts. I have a friend coming over and i want to play split screen with him on this game but i cant.

the forest ps4 co op split screen

Or even same screen with limited distance between players. Bigglesworth View Profile View Posts. I would buy this if it had local co-op. Michaelp View Profile View Posts. I like this idea! Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 29 Jan, pm. Posts: 8. Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

Mayan Weapons? Shovel and dig. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.PS4 is generally used for its online platform, but many people don't realize it is also great for playing split-screen multiplayer games.

These games vary in genre but they all have one thing in common, that you and a friend can play in your home on the same exact couch. Your friends may not own a PS4, or you only have one console in your residence, but these games allow the fun to continue when you and your buddy get together. We have compiled a ranked list of the top ten multiplayer split-screen games for you to try at home with a friend.

These games will keep you entertained for hours and were ranked based on their level of fun and intrigue. Keep reading to find a new favorite split-screen game to play with your friends on PS4! Updated by Madison Lennon on March 11, People love co-op multiplayer games because they give gamers an opportunity to go head-to-head with their friends and family in the hopes they can pull off a masterful defeat and win bragging rights.

If you spend a lot of time playing games with your pals, then you might have an idea of the best split-screen games out there but we decided to update the following list with some new choices to keep you occupied for hours. Sonic Mania is a fun game with retro graphics that should be perfect for anyone who enjoys 2D platformers.

You can play as Knuckles, Sonic, or Tails. In the Competition Mode, you'll be able to go head-to-head with your friends and compete to see who can come out on top. It is considered one of the best Sonic games released as of late and it includes some of the classic levels -- such as Green Hill -- remixed and better than ever. There are also tough bosses to defeat and fun minigames to unlock.

If you enjoy Minecraft and games like it, then you should consider giving Terraria a chance. You can explore for resources, hunt down weapons, protect your home from invaders, throw parties, and even change the type of biome you're building inside.

There are tons of different events, bosses, and NPCs to keep the game interesting and you can easily sink dozens of hours into Terraria. As the name suggests, Ark: Survival Explored is an intense survival video game set in a prehistoric era that allows both single-player and multiplayer gameplay. It is an open-world game that allows players to try and survive in a deserted landscape with tons of dinosaurs and other dangerous creatures running around.

There are more than different species present in the game. Once you tame animals, you'll even be able to ride on them and you'll want to collect powerful weapons to keep yourself safe. There are different modes in the game depending on your preferred difficulty. WipEout Omega Collection is a great futuristic racing game where players control anti-gravity ships through a myriad of different modes and tracks. Every ship comes with its own special characteristics and add-ons.

You'll be able to customize and earn different updates as you play the game and collect items. It contains a remaster of the original games of the series and will keep you busy as you learn to navigate the tracks and execute hairpin turns. Plus, it has a really cool soundtrack that is sure to get your blood pumping. A Way Out is a really cool co-op split-screen game that actually requires you to play in split-screen and either with local multiplayer or online. You and the other player will take on the characters of Leo and Vincent.

the forest ps4 co op split screen

Your goal will be to execute a prison break. What makes the game so unique and interesting is that you play consecutively and must work together. That means one player might have to distract someone while the other finds what they're looking for. You'll either sink or swim, but no matter what it will be together.

Fifa is at the bottom of our list because it is not for everyone. It's also not, technically speaking, a split-screen game, although it is built for local multiplayer. Generally, people who play this enjoy the game of soccer and the teamwork needed to score on your opponents.Washington - Online gaming has pushed split-screen and couch cooperative play to the side.

But offline multiplayer games are getting a lot more attention these days, thanks to the still-ongoing quarantine reality for many homes. Outside of the arcade, couch cooperative games was the only way to play multiplayer before the Internet. After all, the first Nintendo consoles came with two controllers right at the start.

In Japan, the controllers were tethered to the console. In the last two decades, developers shifted resources to online multiplayer, a far more lucrative investment.

the forest ps4 co op split screen

But studios know that some of our best gaming memories are with friends on the couch, so they can hear the banter or trash talk in person. Definitely check it out, as well as this Steam bundle, for more recommendations once you finish this list. If you've already played that series to hell and back and crave something simpler, the first real "Minecraft" spinoff title might do the trick. Just released this summer, "Minecraft Dungeons" is a great introduction to the action role-playing genre.

It's a lot easier to understand than tried and true classics like "Diablo," but it plays a bit more like arcade brawler "Gauntlet," with even shades of "Streets of Rage. Once you get deeper into the game, it'll require players to coordinate builds more, but that learning curve comes very naturally.

This frantic game about meal preparation involves players, all working toward the same goal: Cook as much food as possible in the allotted time. Players work as chefs, divvying up tasks like cleaning plates, slicing up ingredients and cooking on stove tops to make all sorts of dishes. While that may sound mundane, the fast pace makes this charming game a blast, especially when playing in a larger group.

Overcooked 2 can be played through local and online co-op. It's both a prison-escape and buddy story, and probably the most "cooperative" game on the list. Each player will occupy a half of the screen, making their own choices but relying on the other for progress. The two male leads are charismatic and likable, and so is the story.

15 Best PS4 Co-Op Splitscreen Games That You Must Play

The story requires a lot of coordination on key story decisions too. It's a very directed experience, so don't expect too much deviation from what's essentially a two-seater roller coaster ride.

It's also frequently on sale. It's a steal for one of the more memorable and unique games on the list. Objective fact: The best way to recreate the magic of playing a "Streets of Rage" game is to play a "Streets of Rage" game.

Games like "Final Fight" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" come to mind when you hear "brawler," but the Sega Genesis series was the creative apex of the genre. Indie-driven project "Streets of Rage 4" cements that legacy. The game does very little to the classic formula of "run to the right and punch everything in your way," and thank goodness. Nothing else should get in the way of the pure adrenaline rush of cheering on your buddy as they're using your team's last life to take down a boss that looks like evil Freddie Mercury.

Get this if you miss the smell of arcade popcorn and token copper. The recent PC release of this collection has no split-screen feature, but the Xbox One release does, and it's still excellent. The "Halo" series was the real genesis of the console first-person shooter, and the original allowed for classic "Goldeneye"-style split-screen multiplayer. The updated five "Halo" games on this collection all feature a split-screen, two-player cooperative mode, all with adjustable difficulty modes.

The games may be old, but the gameplay has rarely been outdone. The five "Halo" games in this collection represent the finest in the shooter genre, and they're even better with a friend.

While the levels aren't necessarily designed for cooperative play like some of the other games on the list, it doesn't matter. The chaos that ensues from the physics, explosions and tactically intelligent enemies are more than enough to occupy two heads. It looks ugly.Cooperative split-screen games are slowly making a comeback in the gaming industry.

It was used to be a feature in every game with multiplayer but felt very abandoned during the PlayStation 3 days. Luckily, the PlayStation 4 has a host of popular split-screen games that are an absolute joy to play. From breaking out of prison to surviving in a world made of blocks, here are the absolute best cooperative split-screen games you can play on the PlayStation 4.

In the game, you play as either Vincent or Leo as they escape the prison and seek revenge on the man who had them sent there. This particular cooperative game is unique in the sense that it can only be played in split-screen. Whether the person you are playing with is sitting next to you or they are online, you will always see what they are doing.

A Way Out is a masterful story experience that should be played by any fan of cooperative games. As each order fills the top of the screen, you need to grab the proper ingredients, chop them up, cook them, serve the food, and wash dishes all while on a timer and avoiding any hazards in the area like fires, moving kitchens, etc.

You and your partner create your source hunter, a customized character that can take advantage of weapons and magic. There is also no shortage of content here. The game can take dozens of hours to beat all filled with dialogue, exploration, and turn-based combat. This time, the focus is on the big baddies of the DC universe as you fight the Justice Syndicate, a group from another world that abducted the Justice League and is trying to stand in their place as the premiere hero team.

Each section of the game focuses on different realities and times. For example, you can take control of Spider-Gwen or even a cowboy version of Captain America. This game brought in new ideas for the Marvel universe, which sometimes can feel like it is rehashing the same ideas over and over again. Check out more Lego games on PS4! The game is one of those cases where it is easy to pick up and understand, but challenging to master.

The mechanics used for drifting can easily make or break your race position. Races and battles in split-screen are a blast to play, though. All of your favorite characters from the series are here, and classic maps have been brought back to life with gorgeous detail. Diablo III is a dungeon crawler from Blizzard Entertainment that is the most iconic in its genre this generation.

Up to four people can choose from multiple classes to create their characters with varying difficulties. From a monk to a wizard, the classes are diverse, and the loot system never gets old as you progress through the story. In split-screen zombie mode, you can fight for your life against the ever-constant waves of the undead, or you can try to solve the maps easter eggs that reveal the background story being told. Gang Beasts is a hilarious party game that sees up to four doll-like creatures beating the crap out of each other.

You punch each other and try to throw your opponents over the edge until you are the last one remaining. The game takes place across a variety of different stages that all have their hazards. In both games, you play as vault hunters as you search Pandora or its moon for vaults that are supposed to hold treasures.

Along the way, you will collect tons of guns and level up your character with unique abilities. The classic looter shooter series will also have you laughing with its comedic writing. It is a great experience to play through with a friend.